Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tuesday in Tweets -1-

Better late than never, right? Maybe next week we can get a #teamelsewhere thread going. We shall see, Orange Ones, but the conversation for TFiOS is on-going over in the Twitterverse. Check it out and please, keep spreading the word!



  1. Deserae ~ what is your twitter??? 'Cause I'll folllow you and I can join the thread (?) idk, i'm new @ this... :)

  2. Haha! That's okay! I'm @sommertales on Twitter. You can follow the link I put here in the comments or the link I've put at the top of this post on the picture that says, "add me!" :) Yay for people joining the thread! Today we are few but tomorrow we'll be many. Haha! I'll also follow you back. I love talking to you blah-g girls on Twitter 'cause I'm on there more than the blah-g itself.

  3. 'Kay!!! :) I'm not on there much, but I am... Yvonne_R1213, I think. idk, but I followed you!!! :P


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