Saturday, March 31, 2012

Saturday Sights ~5~

Yola, Elsewhere!

Long time no see! I know, I know. I've been a very bad Deserae. But you have to understand--- first there were finals, then there was Spring Break... and I'm working with a broken computer, so bear with me, will ya? You know I try really hard to keep the conversation rolling.

YA Scavenger HuntSo as a peace offering, I'm going to FIRST tell you about a bunch of different contests going on around the blogosphere.
-The Tri-Annual YA Scavenger Hunt organized by the amazing Colleen Houck (we'll read her Tiger's Curse series, soon, no worries) is open for another 32 hours! (Meaning it ends on April 1st at noon PST.) Trust me; even if you don't win, the hunt is still extremely fun to participate in. Visit the authors' blogs, check out exclusive content from some of your favorite ones, and get familiar with some titles you may have never heard of! It's worth it and you have three chances to win.
-Both Mundie Moms and Novel Novice are hosting giveaways for Elizabeth Eulberg's TAKE A BOW, which we'll be reading together first thing in May. So why not try to get it now?
-Reading Teen is offering up the complete Mother Earth series to one lucky reader in signed copies, and another set on an e-reader. Although I've never read the series myself, Austin, one of the reviewers there, recommended it whole-heartedly, and because I trust him, Andye, and Amy, and Kit and the whole gang there with my (bookish) life, I thought you might want to try your hand at it!
-Elsewhere offers all sorts of things you can do to win fabulous book-related wonders. Check out this month's calendar to see what you can do to win and you can enter every contest, every single week! Only one entry per person, though. But here's a hint, participating in Monday Mayhem (Week 5entries due by the 5th), and then each of the Wednesday Wanderings Challenges (Week 5 entries due by the 3rd) gives you a total of 4 entries per week! Why NOT go for it?

NOW you might want to laugh, but my sister showed me this workout video called "Walk at Home" and, although admittedly, it's pretty laughable, I found myself really enjoying the workout! The instructor--- the trainer or whatever you want to call her--- is so sweet, so encouraging and fun to watch, that you really can't help but want to walk with her. And yeah, you're walking in place, but this "easy" workout really does help you burn calories, it does help get your blood flowing, AND if you're doing it right you can even break a sweat! So, if you're like me and looking for a workout that will help you ease into the idea of actually working out, you might want to try it. I know I'm going out and getting my own copy soon. (Leslie, you rule.)

NEXT we'll go back toward the geeky and I'll tell you that today, I'm going to see "Wrath of the Titans." I've been waiting for this movie ever since I accidentally stumbled upon its existence in a cold almost empty movie theater on a dark and stormy night... And I know that most (or all!) of you have seen "The Hunger Games" and loved it, but instead of reviewing something that was an obvious crowd-pleaser, I'm going to review the first "Clash of the Titans" sequel I've ever seen! I am a huge fan of Greek mythology, "Pride and Prejudice," and hot men. So when I saw that the gods had returned with Rosamund Pike (JANE!!!!) and Sam Worthington (*dies*), I just KNEW I had to see it. How could I not? No worries--- I'll be back later with a quick review of what I thought. In the meantime, though, you can let me know all about your "Hunger Games" experiences. Did you love it, or did you love it?

And FINALLY some of my favorite YouTubers have partnered up with to produce for your viewing pleasure, a new video every weekday. On Mondays, Meghan (aka Strawburry17) does a show called Sounds Like where she talks about new music--- you know how much I love music. On Tuesdays, Joey (JoeyGraceffa on YouTube) tells us all about his favorite things. Wednesdays, Cat (catarific! Woot!) gives people just like me and you some "non-expert advice" and on Thursdays and Fridays, the three join forces to bring you "Pop Wars" and "The Click Clique." Even if you're not really interested in the shows they're doing, I still highly recommend checking them out. Meghan and Joey both do music videoss and Cat... she's adorable.

So that's it for this week! Sorry there's not much amazing news. The best thing, though, is that you have plenty of contests to dive into. So what are you waiting for? Get going, yo!

Lots of love,
P.S. This week, we'll be talking about Ally Carter's OUT OF SIGHT, OUT OF TIME. Hopefully you've started reading it or have it in your possession, and I really hope you'll participate in the challenges for this week. You can start sending in entries for the Wednesday Wanderings now, by the way. Let's go!


  1. Cool post! :D I am excited For Meghan, Cat, and Joey's videos! I went to go see Wrath of the Titans also! :) I hope you enjoyed it.

  2. I did! Although the writer in me wished there was more of a quest to the quest, I couldn't help but like it. Between the phenomenal acting, the men in skirts (Lord, forgive me), and the pretty cool storyline despite it's being basic, I liked it. Did you? I hope so--- Sam Worthington is worthy-ting of our love. :)

    1. Hahahaha! Cool, yes I loved it! The acting was amazing! :D Haha agreed. Sam Worthington is awesome.


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