My Ticket Elsewhere is an extension of the blog My Ticket Home and is a more creative outlet than its sister site. Where My Ticket Home hopes to be a place where you find daily bits of encouragement, My Ticket Elsewhere is a place where you can find daily creative sparks and good old-fashioned bookish fun.

Every week for the rest of 2012, we're focusing on raising awareness about a book that is currently out on the market. Here are the features you'll find when browsing the blog that the welcome message, well, neglected.

Five Things to Do in Elsewhere

1. Read the posts. 
You don't have to submit, comment, or read the books we're talking about to get something out of  this site. Everything that's posted is for your enjoyment. And maybe you'll become inspired by something that you come across. That is the goal after all, so let's get those ideas flying.

2. Read with us
At the start of each month we release the books we'll be reading the month afterward. This is so that if you're a slower reader, a busy reader, a whatever reader, you can keep up with what we're reading at your own pace--- whatever that may be. As previously stated, Elsewhere is an interactive book blog that reviews and spreads the word about books that are on the shelves and raises awareness about what's coming out soon. So in order to talk about books, you must first read them! And if you read the book and write a review about it, you might be linked to in our Thursday Thoughts posts. Your opinions on the book matter be they in favor or against the work in question, and other readers will benefit from hearing them, so don't miss a chance to help us out!

3. Participate in Wednesday Writes
At the beginning of the month, the writing prompts for each book are announced, but entries for those prompts are only accepted on the weekend before the book is discussed. Submissions will begin at 12:01 AM PST every Friday and end at 11:59 P.M. PST every Sunday. Then, the entries for the week will be read and reviewed by myself and two other "judges" for the month, and one winner will have their work featured on the My Ticket Elsewhere blog that Wednesday and will also receive a prize (to be revealed that Monday because it could vary from week to week) for their work. All Wednesday Writes entries must be original works based on the assigned prompt and if under the age of 15, you must have your parent's permission to enter. Learn how to submit entries here.

4. Comment and Spread the word.
The more you interact with each other, the more this community will feel like a home. And the more we see communicate and share our thoughts, ideas, and opinions, the longer we'll keep great books alive.

5. Take your ticket home.
For more inspiration, encouragement, and food for the soul, visit My Ticket Home, the sister blog. There, you can find other sites, blogs, and daily doses of inspiration.

Disclaimer: None of the music or art and very few of the books featured on this blog were requested to be featured by the artist. Everything is always linked back to and referenced.