Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Finale: TFiOS

This week on Elsewhere, we celebrated the truly wonderful bestselling novel by John Green, THE FAULT IN OUR STARS...

On Monday...
We caused a bit of Mayhem together by suggesting the book to a member of our family. There were no responses to this week's challenge, BUT thank you to all of you who read THE FAULT IN OUR STARS via my recommendation and thank you to all of you who recommended it to others!

On Tuesday...
We went to Twitter and had a look at what people were saying about TFiOS with and without us! Though I would've loved to get a #teamelsewhere hashtag going, it was unsuccessful because this week there were so few of us. However! So many people were participating in the thread, it was crazy! There were so many good things being said about the book even without us! It was a happy day in Elsewhere, my friends, to know we didn't have to do ALL the work. And it made me really, really proud of how successful the book is doing over all around the country and even the world!

On Wednesday...
We opened the floor for you guys to either write a response to Hazel's oblivion monologue or to write a creative sequel to his made up novel An Imperial Affliction. Unfortunately, since there were no entries to the Wednesday Writes Challenge, you all had to put up with me giving Hazel's speech a piece of my mind. I've been sick all week so I admit, I sound a little... let's just say it, then. CRAZY. But the gist of it all was that, while I agreed with her in chunks, I found her speech much too gloom-and-doom to actually hold up against her previous convictions of wanting to live for as long as she possibly could.

On Thursday...
We went all around my internets and I showed you all the thoughts people have shared with me (and a few that others have shared with others) regarding THE FAULT IN OUR STARS. It's a great feeling when, no matter where you turn, you are met with people who like the same things you do. And although not everyone is head over heels for Hazel and Augustus, it's pretty unanimous that the book is good! And honestly, guys it IS good. You should definitely check it out if you haven't already. I highly--- HIGHLY!--- recommend it.

And now it's Friday! 
And on top of the obvious thing that you can do--- ahem! Join me on Livestream at 2 P.M. PST to talk TFiOS and Ally Carter's LOVE YOU, KILL YOU!--- here are some other things that you can occupy your time with if you haven't had enough TFiOS!

1. You can listen to the THE FAULT IN OUR STARS inspired playlist I've compiled based on the music featured in this week's Daily Doses. There's a bonus track included AND if you listen to it before noon, you'll know today's song before anyone else does!

2. You can visit this awesome Tumblr that has a bunch of epic John Green quotes. At the moment, a lot of TFiOS quotes are gracing its pages, but there are quotes from his other novels, too, so if you're a big John Green fan or if you just love quotes (like moi!), you should check it out! It's a great source of inspiration.

3. You can continue to spread the word about it and get people reading. Honestly, our work as book lovers is never done. We must keep on, keeping on and as I've said before, when you love a book, you should keep talking about it--- that's how they live on, you know! And this is one of those stories I'm hoping will live forever.

4. There's also a special Tumblr for those of us who have finished reading TFiOS and have questions about it. Only visit this page if you have finished it because there are LOADS of spoilers and I know spoilers can be detrimental to whether some of us read a story or not. It's password protected so all you have to do to access it is to type in the last word of the acknowledgments exactly as you see it (it's case sensitive).

We had an awesome first week, I think! Here's to many, many more to come. We'll be back on Monday talking about Robin Mellom's debut novel DITCHED. The writing prompts for it can be found here and will be accepted starting now up until midnight PST on Sunday. Speaking of Sunday, that's when you'll be able to catch my review of it! So if you're still not sure whether you want to buy it or not, you will know then. I'll post early so that you have the day to decide what you want to do!

Lots of love, you guys,

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