Monday, March 5, 2012

Monday Mayhem -1- The Mayhem Ensues

The Fault in Our Stars

The Fault in Our Stars

Hey, hey, Party People! 
It's Monday... finally! And this week, we're talking THE FAULT IN OUR STARS. If you visit my channel sometime today, you will see three very important things: 
1. Me being awkward! (which is always important)
2. My sister being awkward! (which is usually important)
3. And me dishing out this week's Mayhem Challenge (which you might've have known had you read this month's calendar) IN ADDITION TO disclosing what's going to be included in this week's prize pack (which I know you know you want to know!)! 
So if you're even slightly interested in any of the aforementioned pieces of insanity, click on the link above to be instantly transported Elsewhere!
In the spirit of spreading insane amounts of love for THE FAULT IN OUR STARS, I want to encourage you to do your best to get people reading it this week. You can join us on Twitter, you can write a review, you can do a vlog, or you can tell a friend... It is officially your duty to do ANYTHING that gets people all over this thing, okay?
Tell you what? While you consider going down to your local library to make sure they've got a copy or two in their possession, why don't you watch one of these insanely awesome reviews of TFiOS? Or better yet, why don't you embed one on your blog beneath the review I KNOW you're going to write! Or BETTER YET!!! Why don't you watch one, while you make one of your own, of you telling the ENTIRE WORLD about TFiOS. No? Too crazy?
Let us know about your Mayhem pursuits here or over on today's Mayhem video. And be sure to invite a friend to Elsewhere. The more Wanderers we have, the less lost we'll feel. :)
Want more TFiOS?
Read my review here and, in the comments, leave links to your own. Also, you can check out awesome TFiOS quotes by visiting My Ticket Home every day this week, and following this Tumblr that provided a lot of the ones I used! 

Ciao, Bellas,

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