How to Submit

To permit us to feature your review on the Thursday Thoughts Post:
Simply leave a link to it in the comment section of our review before Thursday.

To submit stories, songs, whatever for the Wednesday Writes Feature:
1. Email with the subject Quick-Write Elsewhere: and the title of your ORIGINAL work. 
2. Include the piece in the body of the email. DO NOT SEND ATTACHMENTS (see above). 
3. Be sure to say whether you want to be acknowledged for your work or considered anonymous. Please leave any relevant links to your website, blog, Twitter, etc. in the email. 
4. At the end of the email (under your signature, piece, whatever--- just put it at the very end), specify the prompt number you've responded to. 
Your own project can far exceed the word count limit, BUT when submitting to us, limit the piece you send to us to 700 words or run the risk of having us cut it off wherever we see fit. 

Note: Not all submissions will be used HOWEVER, if we run low on submissions, we maintain the right to pull from past submissions at any given time.

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