Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wednesday Writes -6-

I'm really scatter-brained this week, Elsewhere. I thought I'd put that out there in case the lack of daily postings weren't enough of a tip-off.

But because this has been a bit of a weird week, I'm going to try to make it up to you with a song that I wrote that was totally inspired by CONCEALED. Yeah. That's right. I'm winning you over with the written word. You know you want to be wooed. I apologize, in advance, for the lack of WOWZA but... okay! I'm stalling. Here we go. Are you ready? Here we go. Are you ready?


"Underneath" -Deserae McGlothen

Broken heart, cluttered mind;
Drew you a map, but blurred the line.
Wish I could say that I was fine,
But I don't know anymore.

Start again in another place,
Cover my tracks, forfeit the race.
Don't know my past anyway.
No, I don't know anymore.

And they say I'm made for more
But I see the pitiful,
The crazy, confused me underneath.
And they know my history
But I know that I am me
I'm crazy, confused, see, underneath.

Dropped the baton, doubled back.
Won the crowd's love; lost the match.
I can't recover after that---
I can't keep running, anymore.

Had a nightmare, scared me stiff;
Saw the faces of foe and friend.
If I had known it'd come to this,
Well--- I wouldn't want to anymore.

And they say I'm made for more
But I see the pitiful,
The crazy, confused me underneath.
And they know my history
But I know that I am me.
I'm crazy, confused, see, underneath.
I'm crazy, and I'm just me underneath.
I-I'm scared, see, I need saving underneath.


So? Did you cry of shame and humiliation? I hope not, 'cause I worked really hard on that! You know what else I worked hard on? Catching up on the Daily Doses I missed! You can see Monday's, Tuesday's, and today's! at their respective links, or you could just visit My Ticket Home and browse through any and all of the doses! Also, if you're on Twitter, be sure to give the author @SangWrites a mention! I missed Twitter Tuesday, but we can Tweet any day. Thank the Lord!

Thursday's post might arrive late like this post, but I WILL get it up tomorrow. I've been stressing about classes BUT what I realized was that posting this stuff actually ALLEVIATES that stress. So why would I skip out on taking my medicine? I wouldn't. Or shouldn't. Yeah, you know what I mean.

Anywho, hope ya'll had an awesome day today! Do you have any CONCEALED, TEXAS GOTHIC, or SISTERHOOD inspired Mayhem going on in your life? Leave them in the comments and remember! Start thinking ahead about NEXT week's Wednesday Wanderings. Get a friend and spread the love! It's more fun if you have people causing Mayhem WITH you, I think.

Later loves,


  1. Love your song-- inspired by concealed? Tres fabuloso! You've really got a way with poetry; music is a form of poetry, no?
    xox, lots of love, Maya

  2. The song was absolutely beautiful Desi! :D I loved it!

  3. Nicole- Thank you! It means a lot to hear that I didn't make a COMPLETE fool of myself. :)

    Maya- Absolutely! In fact, I'm planning on doing a post about this on ze main blog: is a song really a song if there's no music behind it? Or should it then be considered a poem? Because (well, I won't bore you with ALL of my ponderings but...) we sing to ourselves sometimes, don't we? After we get accustomed to the rhythm and the melody? We don't need it after a certain point, but I have to wonder--- are the WORDS the song or is the MUSIC the song... or can we only achieve "song" with a mixture of the two? I'll leave you with that because I'm clearly over thinking things, but yes: glad you liked it! And I definitely agree that music is a form of poetry. No doubt. :)


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