Monday, April 2, 2012

Read With Me! Week of April 2nd

Want to read with Elsewhere but not sure how or when to? Try this!

-Monday: Chapters 1-11 (pages 1-80)
-Tuesday: Chapters 12-22 (pages 81-155)
-Wednesday: Chapters 23-33 (pages 156-232)
-Thursday: Chapters 34-42 (pages 233- end)

*I don't have the book on-hand but use a guide similar to the one for OUT OF SIGHT, OUT OF TIME. You need to do an average of 75 pages a day (not less! If you stop in the middle of a section, try to go over that unless the section is ridiculously long) in order to finish by Thursday. But remember! You have until Friday at 5 PM PST to finish so don't hurt yourself! Read at your own pace!

-Monday: Chapters 1-5 (pages 1-73)
-Tuesday: Chapters 6-10 (pages 74-162)
-Wednesday: Chapters 11-14 (pages 163-241)
-Thursday: Chapters 15-19 (pages 242-end)

*NOTE: If you have an edition other than the one linked to above, your page numbers might not be the same. That's why I included the chapters as well. Those remain constant, thank God!

If you would like to suggest reading material for Elsewhere, scroll down to the last section of this post called "RE: Choosing what to read..." 

And here are some general tips and my advice:

RE: The Book of the Week...
I personally read the Book of the Week the weekend before we celebrate it. That way, I can write my review on Sunday and talk about it with everyone all throughout that week. Sometimes, if I'm really excited for a story (like CONCEALED) I read it ahead. But I realize that the Book of the Week might not be for everyone, so now we have challenge books and for those, I wait until the actual week we're talking about them.

RE: The Series Challenge Book...
At the moment, the series challenge books have been for books in a series I've already read and am waiting to read the next installment for. During March, I wanted to re-read the Gallagher series but didn't have time, and was fortunate enough that we were such a small group no one really read those, either. This month is weird, too, because I WANT to re-read the Sisterhood series but kind of... can't (my sister has the series at home where they belong). Therefore, I don't have much advice on this at the moment. But next month, the series we're reading is one I haven't read yet, so hopefully I'll have more for you, then. Have any of you taken up the series challenge? What's your advice on doing the best you can to keep up with that? Do you have to choose one challenge over the other? Do you choose it because you prefer the series over the books chosen to be our main focus?

RE: The Wanderer's Challenge Book... 
I divide the book into four manageable chunks for Monday through Thursday. That way, I'll be able to discuss it in full at the Friday Livechat.

RE: Choosing which books to read...
Like I said, I know not all the books are going to be for everyone, but I honestly believe that all of the stories are good in some way. So what I suggest is doing your research--- getting a Goodreads account. Look up a few reviews or just read each of the synopses and see which books are better for you. You don't have to read all three to participate in the discussion. Just one will do and this is a chance for you to step out of your comfort zone and read different things in a place where it's safe to express your opinions and thoughts and likes and dislikes. Elsewhere is kind of our little secret right now. So take advantage of that and PLEASE, feel free to suggest reading material for us! Next month, I need suggestions for books that fall under the CONTEMPORARY, "UN"-ROMANCE, and DYSTOPIAN genres. Click on each to see an example of each genre--- an example that I would love to read, actually, upon your recommendations!

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