Friday, April 6, 2012


On Monday...
We caused some Mayhem by dropping GG5 inspired postcards in the bags and hoods of unsuspecting targets. At least I did. But you guys also got to enjoy a non-spoiler vlog review of the book AND I linked you up with a BUNCH of Gallagher related nonsense to hold you over until the next book hits the shelves.

On Tuesday...
I recruited ya'll to help me dazzle Twitter with our talk of OUT OF SIGHT, OUT OF TIME, but it turned out to be one of those days when I talked to myself... again. It was okay, though, because I ended up being a bundle of nerves about my first day of classes and life just wasn't going so well. Thank GOD for that awesome contest by Marley Gibson. I mean, that was just the thing I needed to lift my spirits. Did you enter? I hope so because it was only for a limited time!

On Wednesday...
I showed you my pair of Traveling Pants. I don't get out much as you can tell from the illustration, but I know you guys do and guess what? You can make your OWN pair of Traveling Pants and WIN PRIZES for it! WHA?!?!?! Next Wednesday, I'd like to show some of your bookish spirit. Send entries over, yo, and get ideas from this month's calendar!

On Thursday...
I introduced you to Nicole who's just fabbity fab with knobs on. She wrote a review for OUT OF SIGHT, OUT OF TIME and guess what? She's like you and me! A regular girl who just loves telling people about the awesome books she reads. I adored her review and think you should click on this screenshot RIGHT NOW so that you can read it. It was nowhere near as nitpicky as my review. I think, if you're wondering what your reaction would've been like had you NOT read my review, you should check out Nicole's immediately.

And now it's Friday!
And I have a bunch more yum yums for you on top of all the stuff we've already done! Oh yeah.... You didn't think I forgot about Holly Black's WHITE CAT, did you? Well I didn't and thankfully, neither did Novel Novice! In celebration of the release of BLACK HEART this week, these bloggers have been posting the coolest things regarding the Curseworkers world like:

1. All of the book trailers!
2. A quiz so you can determine what kind of worker you are!
3. And my favorite--- a writing contest where you can enter to win the entire set of Curseworkers books! And guess when this contest ends? The 30th of April! So you have the entire month to get to work. Seriously... can we just lift our hands in thanks and exclaim a whooping "Thank you Novel Novice!"?

Also, I've compiled a super duper OUT OF SIGHT, OUT OF TIME Playlist from the music featured on the Daily Doses over at Home this week!

AND don't forget there's a liveshow tonight at 5 PM PST where we'll be talking about all of the books featured this week--- OUT OF SIGHT, OUT OF TIME especially because yes! I have a lot to say!

Hope to see you there. Have a fabulous weekend and I hope your Passover and Easter holidays are truly... fabulous! Haha! I'm running out of words.

Lots of love,


  1. I'm so sorry I won't be able to go to the chat tonight. I really really tried. :(
    Either way, thank you for featuring me yesterday!
    Lots of love,

  2. 'Twas my pleasure, my dear, and thanks for writing a review! No worries. The chat has been rescheduled for Saturday at 5 PM PST anyway because I was having technical issues. Grr!

    Love ya mas, chickadee!


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