Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday Finale: CONCEALED

On Wednesday...
I showed you guys a song I wrote that was completely inspired by the themes in CONCEALED that I latched onto the strongest. I'd been searching for THE longest time for a song that could describe Bijou, and although I LOVE Lenka, part of me feels like I had to settle! I grumbled about it for a while--- about the fact that there SHOULD be a song already in existence that WAS Bijou Fitzroy. But when I realized there probably WAS one, and that I wasn't looking in the right places, I decided to write one of my own. I'm so glad you guys enjoyed it!

Then on Thursday...
I explored the interwebs and found four different review-type things concerning CONCEALED. All of them are different (and one of them, I admit, isn't a review at all!), but the general consensus is that, although flawed, CONCEALED is a good read with a future plot-line that has tremendous potential. I can't speak for these other reviewers, but I, personally, am looking forward to seeing where Sang Kromah takes this series. The ideas expressed in this book are larger than life at times and aren't easy to pull off, but I trust this author to tell me a story, and I hope that the next book blows me away.

And now it's Friday! 
And as usual, I have TONS of goodies for you. Earlier this year, Sang did a blog tour for CONCEALED and luckily for us, that means we can see special interviews and material from her any time we want! Check out the link above to see a list of the participating bloggers and, if you're not sure about checking out CONCEALED, maybe something you see there will give you a little push!

Also, Sang has not only created a playlist for this book, but she's also done a "Casting Call" of what she imagines the characters to look like! I personally think both are fabulous, but I want to know what you think. If you read the book, do you agree or disagree with the choices? The soundtrack Bijou put together for herself is pretty flipping amazing, and gah! So many Bijous! I personally picture her differently than all of the options, but wouldn't it be AWESOME if Antonia Thomas played her? Excuse me for a second while I try not to answer my own question.

I've put together my own CONCEALED playlist featuring all the music from this week's Daily Doses AND a few bonus tracks. But I also put together a playlist of Sang's songs so that if ya'll wanted to hear them in a loop, you could. And I couldn't help it... I put two additional song in there to, in honor of the author and based on the conversations we've had on Twitter. Just know that some of the songs on our lists might be missing from the playlists because they're not on the website I'm using. I try to replace those when I can. So all of you who've seen Bijou's playlist, forgive me, in advance, for changing some of the songs. This is why I still suggest you check out Bijou's list and my Daily Doses for a more accurate portrayal of our playlists.

And finally, because I didn't do my usual Tuesday Tweets this week, I'll probably be tweeting about CONCEALED next week as well because GUESS WHAT? We're celebrating PRIDE AND PREJUDICE next week! And guess who's Sang Kromah's role model? YES! Jane flipping Austen! Oh... That's classic, that is. So yeah. We'll be doing THAT.

Take care, Elsewhere, and remember, you can start submitting Mayhem and Wanderings stuff for next week as of now! There won't be anymore Liveshows or YouTube videos until summer because life is getting on my nerves, BUT you can still submit ALL OF THE THINGS to if you're interested in fabulous prizes.



    Sorry, that's my favorite classic, seeing as I adore Mr. Darcy.

    1. It's my favorite classic too. Kind of. My favorite book of all time is A LITTLE PRINCESS by Frances Hodgson Burnett, and I personally consider that a classic, but if you don't, then PRIDE AND PREJUDICE is it. :) I have so many awesome things for you, then, Nicole. Stay tuned!


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