Friday, October 21, 2011

Once Upon a Rhyme -1- Welcome

"Two Trains" -Deserae McGlothen

Once upon a time there was a rusty railroad track
That was home to a cold, empty station where a wandering soul sat.

And every day and every night he waited for his train.
And every day and every night ignored it when it came.

Alone he sat a'waiting for a signal or a sign
Of which way he should go since he couldn't make his mind.

In one hand he held a ticket that would take him home,
but in the other fist he clenched a pass where elsewhere called.

And if he hopped aboard the first, his soul might be at rest,
But all the wonders of Elsewhere he'd be subject to miss.

And if he took the latter train, he'd see the battered road
Taken by the strangers too afraid to go back home.

But so what if he kept the ticket to the first somewhere?
So what if he went not home, but traveled through Elsewhere?

He thought and, see, it made some sense to go the backward route.
If first he went to Elsewhere, there'd never be a doubt

Of whether he had made the right decision after all.
He'd never have to hear the beating drums of Elsewhere call.

But if he went back home--- yes if he hopped that train
He knew he'd be at peace again for now and for always.

His troubled mind raged back and forth until he heard a sound.
"Let fate decide," he told his mind as the train came down.

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