Saturday, March 30, 2013

Saturday Sights ~9~

Good morrow!

I am both excited (and sad) to introduce the FIRST topic of our Saturday Sights discussion... The Lizzie Bennett Diaries has come to an (amazingly beautiful I-SWEAR-I'M-NOT-CRYING) end. Do you remember this? When I first heard about The LBD and was all YES LET US CELEBRATE WOO-HOO! ??? Well it's been a year. One hundred episodes. And I'm so glad to have been a part of it. So glad that it happened and that I can experience it over and over again. And so can you! Watch it on YouTube or preorder your copy here.

NEXT, Doctor Who is back tonight. Yep. Geronimo. 

MOVING ON, Victoria Schwab (aka V.E. Schwab) has received arcs of her first adult novel VICIOUS and BOY ARE THEY BEAUTEOUS. I just want to devour one RIGHT NOW. Superheroes are making a comeback, people, but what's more exciting than a superhero? V's supervillians.

And FINALLY if you're in the LA area, Kina Grannis is playing a free show at USC on Tuesday, April 2nd! Click here for details!

And that's it for today! I kept it brief JUST FOR YOU. Plus, everyone is recovering from the Bologna Book Fair at the moment! Tune in next week for more lovely happenings around the bookish wide web! :)

Hearts and hugs,


  1. Hello my friend! I am very sorry about your show ending! I know you really liked that show and followed it faithfully 'til the end!
    I was thinking, I didn't read this post quick enough! I missed Doctor Who! Oh my, my, my!
    Victoria's books do look fabulous and absolutely intriguing! This was a very informative blog. Thanks for all the Awesome Blossom updates you Awesome Blossom!

  2. I'm sad about LBD ending :/ It was one of my favorite interpretations of P&P and one of the few webshows I actually like.
    I watched that DW, but not on Saturday as I went out to watch the Host.
    Vicious looks good. I might read that at some point, but right now I'm reading Divergent.
    And Cassandra Clare is a decent author but I really didn't approve of what she wrote in the last one. :( But read it, it IS an interesting series and form your own opinion on it.
    :D Aaron Johnson, Max Irons and Douglas Booth are just *_*. And speaking of which Aaron Johnson is the perfect Will Herondale for me, but Douglas Booth would be a decent Will as well. And I do love Rick Riordan as well! The PJO books are amazing, but I hate the movies. They're so bad and chees and inaccurate and I'm not going to watch the second one. I don't have anything against Alexandra Daddario, she was good on the few episodes of WC that I watched and had excellent chemistry with Matt Bomer and the others, but she isn't my Annabeth. And I hate how they made Annabeth like Clarisse in the movies and I hate the way they developed Percabeth in them. In the books they pissed each other off, but they didn't make googly eyes in the beginning and they were just best friends. And no worries, I like Logan now :P I just watched 1x18. Perfect episode <3
    And I really don't trust Moffat with Doctor/Rose. I hate the guy, I think he's a douche, but he is good with plot and action, but characters aren't his strongest point (although I do like Clara, Rory and Amy.) And I hate River Song so much. I didn't used to but later on I found her character to be poorly developed and she pissed me off. And even back in the day when RTD was in charge, Moffat wasn't that good at writing Doctor and Rose. He just hates her so much. Like when he gave the "My Doctor" line to Doctor/River I was so mad. I'm like if you hate them so much why don't you go write your own stuff. Why the hell does he have to give them moments from MY OTP?! And Doctor/River relationship I found kind of rushed and I never saw the connection between them. Sorry if you get offended my my opinions.


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