Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Memes of Elsewhere

Every day of the week, Elsewhere plays host to a specific meme, and each week, the topic matter of that meme will vary depending on the book we're talking about at the moment. But, in case you weren't sure what "Monday Mayhem" or "Wednesday Writes" entailed, here's what you need to know to help you find your way around the site.

The weekends aren't particular here around Elsewhere, but instead have informational posts about things going on... elsewhere!

Saturday Sights
Will be irregularly patterned posts. Sometimes I'll see a movie and post a review about it, and other times I'll recommend a blog or a website that I think is super cool. Or sometimes it'll be book related jargon, or perhaps book-to-film related jar-gy-on. Other times, there won't be a Saturday post and you'll have to forgive me for that. But most times I'll find something delightful to tell you all about.

The Sunday Post
Will be a regularly patterned dose of loveliness. Because we won't be reading new releases often in order to give people time to devour the text, The Sunday Post will inform you of *all the books that will be hitting bookshelves that week; it'll give you a list of movies hitting the box-office the coming Friday and a few that are already out*; it'll remind you of the book we're going to be talking about that week and the week after; and a link to my review will be present, there, as well. 

*If any of the new releases are ones that I'm planning to read for My Ticket Elsewhere, there will be an asterisk by it. If I saw a movie featured, I'll tell you my rating of it, and if I'm planning to see it, I'll put an asterisk by it.* 

***ALSO NOTE that Sundays are the last day to submit Wednesday Writes submissions for the upcoming week.

Every week we are going to focus on ONE book in particular as a group, and we're going to help get other people reading that book according to these memes:

Monday Mayhem
On my YouTube channel, I'll be posting a video of me talking about the book of the week, dispersing all of the knowledge I have of said book, updating you on all things My Ticket Elsewhere, AND dispersing a challenge that I hope you'll take up. If you follow this blog, you have a bit of an advantage--- the challenges for every book are posted with the monthly calendar. And every participator in the Mayhem Challenges is entered into a random drawing for The Book of the Week Prize Pack. 

So what do you have to do to win?

After the Mayhem video goes up, post a video response of you taking up the challenge. Usually, in the video, I take up the challenge, too, to give you an idea of what your video could look like. 

BUT WHAT IF MY PARENTS DON'T LET ME MAKE VIDEOS, you ask. You can comment on the Mayhem Video of the week to be included in the back-up drawing, which will happen only if there are no video responses. BUT, if there's even ONE video response, the Mayhemer of the Week will be chosen from the video responses. So if you want to win, make a video (and if you want to be awesome, comment, anyway!).

***Winner will be announced on the blog during that week's Friday Finale.

Tuesday Tweets
Every Tuesday, join #teamelsewhere as we spread the word about the book of the week. You can tweet about the Monday Mayhem video, you can tweet about the book's general awesomeness, you can tweet about YOUR general awesomeness (in relation to the book, you know)--- anything at all that might get YOUR followers to read the book, too. If you include the hashtag #teamelsewhere, we'll be able to track and retweet your tweets. And the funniest, cutest, and most interesting tweets will appear here at the day's end in a re-cap blog post for those of us who aren't on Twitter. 

***You can also use Facebook, but there's no way for us to track that! So take a pic of your screen and send it to so we can include your awesome posts, too. 

Wednesday Writes
If you want another chance to win The Book of the Week Prize Pack, you can write a short story, essay, response, poem, WHATEVER that answers the prompt of the week (which you can find in the monthly calendar--- link in the sidebar). Your stories must not exceed 700 words or we may cut if off, and if you have to submit your stories the weekend before the book is featured here on the site. Winners and runner-ups will be announced every Wednesday, and the winning story will be featured in a post of its own.

***PLEASE NOTE that even though you can write all of the stories at any time you want, you should only submit the story you wrote for the upcoming week. ONE ENTRY PER PERSON.

Thursday Thoughts
If you write a review of your own about The Book of the Week, you post the link to it in the comments of my Sunday Review, and on Thursday, I'll link to it so that others can check out what you had to say. And even if you don't write a review, but you respond to mine in the comments or in a blog post of your own, your thoughts could be featured in the Thursday Thoughts post because we like to hear what you guys have to say and want to encourage you to talk to us about what you liked, what you didn't like--- to talk to us about anything because talking about books is really what keeps them alive. 

Friday Finales
At the end of the week, we do a blog post that recaps all of the awesome, links to some other cool stuff regarding that book, give you a list of "further reading" (which will include other books by that author and similar titles), and THEN we post a list of questions for discussion. You can chat about them in the comments, you can talk to us about it on Twitter... OR you can join me between 5-6 PM PST on Livestream and chat with me real time about the book. Invite a friend, ask me things, tell me what you thought, and most importantly, let's try to have fun with this.

On the first day of every month, a video that officially announces the books of the month will go up on my YouTube channel. If you already follow this blog, you'll already know what those books are and watching the video might just pain you because of my extreme awkwardness, but you can watch it anyways! I mean... it is there after all. 

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